MNCRC is website create for the black and brown, urban cities and communities throughout Minnesota who are continuously at the totem pole in gaining or accessing truthful information and valuable resources.  Together, we can help strengthen our community through the distribution of news, information, resource links, and a place where we can all be heard.

The MNCRC website was created by people of our community for our community.  We are always looking for writers, artists, public speakers, and anyone else interested in being involved in helping of us grow.

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Meet Yanelin M Valdez

Community Leader & MNCRC Founder

Hi, I’m Yanelin, the founder of MNCRC Resources. MNCRC is a place for the vulnerable marginalized population to be able to hear truthful information about what is really going on in our community. I am an active participant in multiple community-wide groups working to end homelessness and racial equity.  


My resilience and fortitude in overcoming incredible hardships throughout my life speaks to qualities. I am a black woman, who is smart, ambitious and doesn’t back down in the face of adversity. I’m a community Leader, an activist, entrepreneur, and a survivor of the foster care system, human trafficking and homelessness.


I have a passion for developing systems that elevate the voices of black and brown people with lived experience of homelessness, so creating change for my community and speaking my truth is my focus. My goal is to help them gain and access valuable resources needed. 


Racial equity is life for me.

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